Publication of The Lost Van Gogh May 2006.

Al Zerries 2006 Exhibition Schedule

Oklahoma Watercolor Society
15 Dec-3 Feb

*Baker Arts Foundation (Kansas)
14 Jan-26 Feb

Charlotte Arts Council (Florida)
4 Feb-17 March

*Midland Arts Association (Texas)
3 March-26 March

*Watercolor Arts Society-Houston
6 March-2 April

*Western Colorado Watercolor Society
25 Feb-8 April

*Society of Watercolor Artists (Texas)
6 March-14 April

Texas Watercolor Society
1 April-26 April

Hudson Valley Art Association (New York)
19 April-7 May

*Baltimore Watercolor Society
15 April-20 May

*Hilton Head Art League (South Carolina)
3 May-31 May

American Splash National (Texas)
18 May-2 June

Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art (Texas)
20 May-16 June

Georgia Watercolor Society
13 May-17 June

Red River Watercolor Society (North Dakota)
1 May-20 June

Louisiana Watercolor Society
3 June-23 June

Red River Valley Museum (Texas)
12 May-23 June

Pastel Artists of Maine
25 May-25 June

*Great Lakes Pastel Society (Michigan)
6 May-16 July

*Western Federation of Watercolor Artists (Texas)
4 April - 7 August

* Awards
* Best in Show